Monday, March 5, 2012

Rocket Launch

One of the highlights of our trip to Idaho was Zach's first rocket launch. Uncle Tyson helped him paint it and put it together. Then, after we got back from our trip to Island Park we headed across the street to a large field to set it off into "space"
 Zach got to put the rocket onto it's launchpad AND he got to hit the ignition switch.
 And off it went into the sky. Kyle was sure he saw where it went and all of the cousins bolted to see if they could catch it on it's way down. I was sure it was gone forever. Zach was sure it had struck the moon.
 By some miracle, Uncle Trent managed to locate the tiny green rocket (among a bunch of green shrubs no less) and he retrieved it for Zach. Zach excitedly retold the story numerous times.
"Mom! We shot the rocket clear into space! It TOOK off. And it went to space mom! And then it came back down and we FOUND it! We FOUND it mom! After it came back from space!"

I think we're going to have to put rocket launching on our list of things to go again as soon as we have the opportunity. Thanks Uncle Tyson!