Monday, March 5, 2012

March Snowfall

Oh my goodness has it really been so long since I've updated? Oh dear, so sorry. Well, I'll just start with today and then back track. Hopefully we can get you all caught up on our life. 

Yesterday, it snowed. 

After a winter with minimal snowfall and quite a bit of spring-like weather I was surprised to look out the window and find large slowly drifting flakes of snow. It was a bit late so I promised the boys that we would enjoy the surprise snowfall today. Most of it had melted by the time we were able to get ourselves bundled up and out the door but there was enough for snow angels (in the really shady parts of the yard). And THAT is what's important!

 (I have no idea why that one is loading upside down. I've flipped it over and over but it just keeps going back)

We also enjoyed a snowball fight.
 You can tell by the background here just how little snow is left.
 When the wind started to blow we filled up Kyle's bucket with snow and brought it in to build a snowman/snow-house.
I know it's not the winter wonderland experience that I might have pictured but the boys had a great time. I would say that I don't expect we'll have another chance at snow but with this odd weather we've had lately... who knows?