Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Demand

Jason requested that I get some pictures on the blog so that he could have something to show people at work so here goes nothin'

For father's day the boys and I made Jason some special portraits. They haven't found the perfect hanging spot as of yet but I still think they turned out really cute. Zach picked out the colors and each boy did his own painting. (Well, Kyle had a little bit of help) All the while that Zach was painting he kept saying "Dad is gonna LOVE this" under his breath. It was pretty cute.
In order to get the silhouettes I tried to hunt down pictures of the boys that would work. I found one of Kyle but I had to request Zach to model for me. I did get some decent profile shots but I couldn't help but love the ones that turned out a bit more like this...
Gotta love that kid.