Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sleeping like a rock

I always thought that the big brother was the one who did the torturing.

Not at OUR house!

Luckily, Zach could sleep through a hurricane, but Kyle is determined to test just how far he can go trying to wake his brother up.
The little devil woke up before Zach so I brought him in the kitchen with me. He promptly scooted back to the bedroom, climbed into bed with Zach, and stole Zach's chocolate milk. (Note the devious grin) He then proceeded to bounce up and down giggling hysterically as he tried his very best to wake up his brother.

It didn't work. Zach didn't even stir. He actually slept soundly for at least another half hour. He's going to be trouble as a teenager when we have to drag him out of bed. I might need to invest in an air horn.