Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Day

I told Zach this morning that I had a surprise for him. I didn't want to get him too excited if things didn't work out. So he waited excitedly for us to arrive.

He was a bit nervous when we first got there. Sticking close to me and watching everything unfold with a concerned look on his face. (Kyle was completely uninterested, as you can see)
Though once and a while something would catch his attention.
See the tongue? Don't worry, you'll see plenty more of it. Are you wondering yet what the surprise was?
We had the opportunity to join a Mom's group today on a visit to....
The Fire Station!

I thought the firemen did a really great job of explaining things to the kids. They spent a lot of time showing the kids how the fireman, a very normal guy, would put on all of his gear so that he could go into the fiery buildings. They wanted to make sure the kids knew they didn't need to be scared of him and if they were ever stuck in a fire and they saw a man like this, even though he looked scary, he was really there to help them. I guess I hadn't really thought about how important that is to teach kids.
Zach was really nervous to get up into the firetruck but after I lifted him into the driver's seat he lost all inhibitions. (see, I told you there'd be more of that tongue)

He even dragged me around to the back of the truck so that we could climb in and check out all their gear.
My goodness those tires were big!
Kyle had to examine them up close while making silly faces at himself.
He promptly zonked out after leaving the station.
But our day wasn't over yet so we headed over to the museum to play in the children's area. Kyle was excited to play with some of his good friends there.
And dig for dinosaur bones in the packing peanuts, I mean, Dirt.
The boys worked well together as they searched for buried bones.
And Kyle practiced his pickpocketing skills.
All in all, it was a busy and very fun day for us. And it isn't even over yet! We're just home to take a short nap break and then off to enjoy some more adventures.