Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude: Friends from the Past

This picture is a bit of a blast from the past (the warmer days of October long past) but I don't think I posted it and I really do like this picture.
On finding out we were moving to Springfield we also found out that we were not alone in this new adventure. We were going to be joined by some friends from waaaaaay back in Rexburg. We actually hadn't really talked to them since we moved away to Milwaukee for school. Not only that but the Moss family even had a little boy that was only a month older than Zach. Perfect!

Jason has been good friends with Jake since high school. I get along great with Mandi, a fellow crafter/party-er/reader/twilight fan, and now our boys have begun to strike up a great friendship. They have their rocky moments, as do most any nearly-three year olds with interests in the same toys. (We're still working on sharing) But once and a while we catch little moments like this one. Zach asks to play with Kempton daily and though our schedule won't quite allow for daily play-dates, we really do have a lot of fun together.

Jake, Mandi, and Kempton: We're sure glad you came to Springfield and we're even more glad that you're our friends!