Thursday, October 7, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude: Brotherly Love

Today I'm thankful for my boys and the love that they have for each other. It's funny that even as young as they are, I can already see the special bond that they have. They play so well! Zach is always gentle and cautious with Kyle while Kyle will brighten up instantly when he spots Zach walking into the room.

Today I put them in the bath together and I loved watching them interact with each other. There were plenty of giggles shared between the two of them.
Zach would splash softly or pour water from a cup over Kyle's hands, earning more giggles from his little brother.
Kyle would basically try to stuff anything and everything he could get his hands on into his mouth. Is it just me or does this kid have an abnormally large mouth? This is a foam circle he kept in his mouth like this for some time. He's also been known to fit his entire binky into his mouth, handle and all. Goofy kid!

"Ky-Ole! What is yous eatin'?"
Zach even managed to balance a "hat" on Kyle's head.
They really are becoming close friends. The other night Kyle woke up just as we were putting Zach to bed but Jason and I left him in his crib and snuck out of the room to see what would happen. Just a few moments later we heard some giggles coming from the baby monitor. As we listened we could tell that both boys were just giggling away. Not a word was spoken but somehow they had communicated something pretty silly. Eventually, they both went quiet as each slipped off to sleep. It may not have seemed like much but for me, it was a precious moment to have witnessed. (Especially since it involved them going peacefully to sleep!)

I look forward to watching them grow up together and I hope that they continue to grow closer because the love between siblings really is something special.