Thursday, August 19, 2010

State Fair Playground

I think it's a bit funny that we went to the fair, paid admission and everything and I'm pretty sure this was Zach's favorite part. A tiny little playground with nothing but a slide. We had just taken him to get his face painted (he requested the ladybug... on his face, not his arm. Oh so masculine) Then as we were leaving he decided he needed to "take a rest" and he plopped down right here with his juice to rest for a minute. I thought it was pretty cute.
He has a bad habit of sucking on his bottom lip so we've been trying to get him to stop by telling him to stick his lip out. This is the face we get...
Apparently he was concerned about something, I love the furrowed eyebrows. ; )
And here's his last slide of the day before we all headed for the car.
(Kyle was in attendance but was, once again, zonked out in the stroller)