Friday, August 27, 2010

Peek A Boo!

Kyle is growing up so fast that I end up surprised at him every day. This morning I was woken up by him talking to himself. Not in the "Ah's" and "Oooos" of infant vocalization but the happy babbles of a baby learning to copy the sounds he hears around him. He's picked up all kinds of consonant sound and really sounds like he's carrying on a whole conversation. It's the best sound I could possibly wake up to in the morning, even when it's at 5:30 am!

He has recently started playing his own version of Peek-A-Boo or maybe it's closer to Hide and seek. He will get a hold of his blanket and pull it over his head then start to kick his feet excitedly as he giggles quietly under the blanket. Then when you pull it away to "find" him he bursts out into hysterical laughter like he just pulled the greatest prank ever.

Today he rolled over a couple of times until he was all covered up with the blanket and he started his game with Zach.

So here's Kyle in camoflage...
Bet you can't even see him now...
Where did he go?