Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's Zach Up to?

I realized this morning that I've really let my blogging slide. There's been SO much going on that it's just been the last thing on my mind. The thing is... There is SO much going on that I should be blogging. So here's some snipits of what Zach's been up to as of late.

I've been conciously trying to create Zach time lately so that he wouldn't feel so bad that Kyle gets so much of the attention that was once his. I think it has actually really worked to keep him from acting up. Whenever I get Kyle down for a nap (which hasn't really gotten regular yet, but hopefully it will soon) if it's NOT Zach's nap time we have Zach time.

One day we made Rice Crispy treats. I believe this actually is what lead to the Rice Crispy disaster I posted about earlier. Zach LOVED the stirring. He sang the Bate-Bate Chocolate song from Dora as he mixed the marshmallows and butter.
Some friends of ours gave us a wagon and Zach has really enjoyed filling his buckets with rocks and then toting them around the yard.
We had some friends over to play outside on one of our nice weather days before the rain came. (BLAH!) The boys actually got along great! Some days they tend more towards "frienemies" but this was a great play date.
They even shared the car!
Zach is very helpful with Kyle. Whenever Kyle cries he shouts. "Uh OH! Kyle Binky!" And then goes on a search. When I took this picture, Zach had informed me that he was "helping" and I turned to find him shoving the binky in his mouth. The funny part was that Kyle seemed to be enjoying it and was grinning from ear to ear.
Here's Zach imitating ME! How embarrasing. I guess imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. Right?
We found these boxes that fit perfectly under our coffee table so I labled one for blocks and one for trains. I guess I should have gotten a third to label "ZACH!".

P.S. he did this entirely on his own, no help or encouragement from either parental unit. What a HAM!


Melinda said...

Love that you finally posted again :) Zach is such a little character - you guys need to come play sometime when the weather's...well, whatever it is we can figure something out.

Also, the quilt is pretty easy. If you come, maybe we could get the kids playing nicely (ha) and spend some time piecing quilts together, huh?