Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zach's new puzzle

For Easter Zach got this giant puzzle and he is pretty thrilled with it.
As you can see!

Jason found it online for a super deal- $6 for the puzzle and a big toddler eye spy book. Zach is actually getting pretty good at assembling the puzzle with very little direction. He's also becoming quite a ham when the camera comes out.

Other Zach-isms
He's started adding syllables to words some of my favorites are
*Wo-wo-wo-wo (yellow)
* Ba-na-na-na-na
and my favorite
*Doh-guh-di-dit (yogurt)

He is also VERY polite as he is ALWAYS saying
*Dat-do (Thank you)
*Danks Mommy (or Daddy)
and even
*No Danks (said very ironically grumpy)

Basically whatever you say he will repeat (sometimes much to my dismay).
I will try to start keeping track of some fun stuff like this to record here, maybe for your enjoyment... but mostly so I have it recorded somewhere.


Me and my boys!!! said...

I love to read what they are doing, that is so cute. He looks so much like you!!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I wish I had known about blogs when my kids were little. I would have kept track of everything. You are so smart.