Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Saturday I took BOTH boys shopping... BY MYSELF! It was the first time I have attempted such a feat. Jason was using a rug doctor to clean our carpets before our BIG open house on Sunday (more on that later) so we had to get out of the house. I had a couple of other errands to run and thankfully both boys were being perfect angels. Surprisingly cooperative... until nap time started to approach. Thankfully I made it through 2 retail stores and most of the grocery shopping before Zach really decided he was done, but THIS was the result.
It looks worse than it really was. I promise. He didn't have a meltdown or anything. We were actually in the checkout lane so I was a little frazzled trying to track down my wallet AND unload the cart AND keep Kyle happy AND corral this munchkin. It was way past naptime and Zach was very restless and VERY busy. Our trip culminated in Zach actually throwing his shoe at my HEAD! At which point he was put in a makeshift checkout lane "timeout" leading to his sprawling out on the oh so clean floor... ewww. I guess there's worse things. I think they probably thought I was a bit strange for pulling out my camera amidst everything but I thought it was something I would like to look back on. I'm sure there will be many more eventful shopping trips to come.


Valene Harris said...

This has been fun to read all your entries. Loved seeing how your boys are growing up so fast. You are such a great mommy! Congrats on your move to Springfield. Wow! You two are not even military and you are trying to move more than we do :) Wishing you a happy Open House weekend.
Love, Aunt Valene

Tami said...

You're so brave to take a toddler and a newborn shopping. I'm impressed. And doubley impressed that you pulled out your camera at such a moment! LOL!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I'm surprised you even had your wits about you to pull your camera out. I never would have had it together enough to remember to do that. Way to go.