Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can snowmen die?

I'm not really a huge fan of cold. Somewhere, deep inside me still lives and Arizona girl and the idea of purposefully plunging into the cold outdoors just doesn't really appeal to me. BUT, after a fairly good snow storm, I wasn't about to deny my sweet boy his opportunity. This snow was PERFECT for snow men. So I brought in a bucket and we set to work. I guess, We is more of I in this case however. As I built, Zach would shovel snow into his little bowl. After I had built four snow men I stepped away to pull some laundry out of the dryer when I heard a very pitiful voice crying "Die, Die!"

This is what I found
Apparently one of our snowmen had died and Zach was examining it's head. I didn't know he knew the word "Die" let alone what it meant! We quickly rebuilt his snowman and he was back to being as happy as a clam.


Connie said...

OK Teryn, that is really cute. I laughed right out loud. What a clever idea to bring the snowmen into the house. Great for the child and even better for the mom. All your projects look really cute. I need a good "nesting" time but I'm more into "procratinesting" lol. Happy labor day to come. Love you all, Connie

Tami said...

You're right! He seems so young to know the word "die"...! lol! What a cute idea...contain the mess and keep him cold while still experiencing building a snowman. You're brilliant.