Friday, October 9, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

OK, I know I haven't been to very good at keeping up with blogging and what not but I'll try to give you a little bit of an update. I had my very first "official" photo shoot with a happy engaged couple. I actually delivered 5 gigantic prints for them this morning. It was really exciting to see my work blown up to a 20x30. I think they turned out great! Someday, I hope to upgrade my equipment so they can be even better but I'm still really happy with the way they turned out. You can see more at my photography blog in the left hand column.
Jason has been setting up interviews for residency next year and while it's really exciting, it's also a little nerve wracking to be wondering where we will be a year from now. For me that has meant a major purging spree. Jason and I have been married for 7 years now and have managed to accumulate a LOT of stuff. I've now decided it's finally time to just let it go. I participated in a clothing swap this last week where I was happy to unload, I mean donate, 5 large boxes of clothes. I have more miscellaneous items packed up and ready to go to good will. I feel like I'm actually losing weight by unloading the excess that has been cluttering up our home. It feels really good. I might have to be careful that I don't start enjoying it too much or I might give everything away!
Zach has grown up a ton. He went through a little texture aversion phase with his food and mostly stuck to milk and juice, but he's finally seemed to grow out of it. Topping his favorites would have to be animal shaped Mac N' Cheese and Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Oh... and I can't forget just straight cheese. For some reason he LOVES cheese! He has figured out how to run and he thinks it's just hysterical to run from one side of the house to the other, screaming and giggling all along the way.

His favorite thing to do is read. I think I could sit down with him and read every book in our house (and that's A TON!) and he would quietly sit and enjoy every one of them. He has even started to read them to himself. He will sit on his little couch and flip through the pages pointing out certain object and talking to himself. (Note: the book pictured here is actually upside down!) He is such a sweet content kid and just loves to cuddle any chance he gets. How did I manage to get so lucky with this one!


Melissa B said...

that engagement picture turned out awesome! zach is turning out to be a handsome little boy. sounds like you are really enjoying being a mommy!

Becky said...

The engagement picture looks awesome! Good job.

I love that Zach will just sit and read by himself. Sooo cute!

Shelley Bowman said...

He looks just like your brother in this photo!