Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post Camping fun in Rexburg

After we got home from camping at Green Canyon we visited the splash park in Rexburg. It was actually REALLY cool with water slides, a giant bucket that dumped water every few minutes and fountains of all sorts and sizes.
Zach was somewhat cautious at first.

But he warmed up to it when he saw his cousins enjoying the fun.
After lunch we rode the carousel and even though Zach insisted I ride next to him I could tell he was enjoying himself. After we got off he kept running back and trying to sneak in with the other kids.
I "got sick" very suddenly one day after trying to mix prenatal vitamins with fruity pebbles. Zach watched and laughed the whole time- Thanks buddy, I love you to.
Ever since then he has decided that making yucky noises into the toilet, coughing and spitting, is just what toilets are for. Oh... and grandma taught him to splash in them to. Thanks Grandma!
Video to come soon so you can get the full effect. I just haven't figured out how to get it to work yet since it was on Grandma's camera. It's pretty hilarious. WHAT AM I TEACHING MY SON!
Just before we headed to the airport we were greeted by a giant dump truck! Just what every little boy loves to see. Zach was totally excited to see it in action.


The Gray Gang said...

Nice SUBTLE hint. When's the baby due?