Monday, June 22, 2009

She's a Decorator?

Now that I'm a certified Blog Junkie I have been storing in my very tiny head all kinds of fantastic ideas. However, not too very many of them have actually come to light.

Finally- I followed through on one of my planned projects. I found these framed "Cars" pictures at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for $1 and I thought they would be perfect for my 2 "Cars" obsessed boys. (Yes, I counted Jason there) I just didn't absolutely love the frames they came in. Kinda plain, boring, and not really my style.

Here's the big one...
Well, I've seen tons of women (bloggers) who just rave about the magical powers of SPRAY PAINT so I figured this would be the perfect time to test them out.

P.S. My latest favorite crafty blogger is The Thrifty Chick, I'm all about thrifty these days! She is also one of those who does the spray painting stuff.
Oh! And as I was getting these frames ready to paint I discovered that the pictures are actually taken from an old calendar! Genious!
After all is said and done though I do wonder- How is it that these women can be spray painting away on everything and not get terrible cramps!?! I did 3 measly little frames and I tell you what- I am hurting! (but I am known to be a pretty terrible wimp)


Becky said...

So last year I kept buying all kinds of things to spray paint at the DI. My hand was pretty sore after a table and decorative stand. But I love spray paint, it usually turns out pretty good.

Your frames are Great! I am a CARS fan myself. I consider it to be one of my, if not my favorite Disney movie. We also collect the little (Hotwheel size) die casts. We have hundereds, I'm not exagerating! In fact I get Kimball a new car, and then I buy a second for "my" collection. My collection is not opened, but stored in bins in the attic. I'm pathetic!