Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Zack wants to grow up to be just like his dad. His favorite thing to do every day is to crawl around searching for dad's stuff so he can wear it. Every tie that is within reach is promptly thrown around his neck. The moment Jason walks in the door Zack demands to be given dad's nametag and stethascope. As soon as he has them around his neck he beams with such pride.
In this picture he actually has three of dad's ties on and a bell necklace. He is always wearing those bells, he puts them on himself every day. I guess it's alright because I always know where he is!
Also pictured is Zack's newest toy. It's yet another Craig's list find. It's a walker/scooter and it plays music. I happened to check the listings just as it was being posted and I am so glad! I'm planning on listing our other walker from christmas because I'll probably be able to pay for both toys by selling one of them. Awsome!
Walker- $8 regular $30
Walker/scooter- $3 regular $30-40
I figure if I sell the walker for ten bucks we'll be happy. Goodness- I could give it away and stll be ahead of the game. Both of them are basically brand new.
It's perfect because Jason's parents wanted to get Zack a scooter for his birthday. They told me to pick one out but I just couldn't justify the cost. Now they've given him a scooter AND a walker for basically nothing.
I love deals!