Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How cute are these two boys?

This is Zack and his buddy Kevin from our ward. They were taking turns so nicely with the car and then we decided to see if we could fit them both in together. It was a tight squeeze but they seemed to enjoy it. Kevin did the driving and Zack just sat back and smiled. At one point he even put his arm around Kevin's neck like they were old pals. It was really cute.

Look at those Blue eyes! All four of them!

I just love blue eyes.


Melinda said...

So cute! I don't think I could fit both my girls in their car. Evie, because she's three and wouldn't share, Lizzie because she's a darling chunker.

I was reading down through your blogs and saw that under my name (on the sidebar) it said I hadn't posted in two weeks. Huh? So I checked it and realized you had it to my old place. Cute pictures you've done for Mission 24; so glad I introduced you to the group!