Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Zack has a new phobia... the doorbell!
You may remember some of my past posts/stories of things Zack has been terrified of. Skeletons, the can opener, vacuum, etc. etc. etc. Well, we haven't really had any episodes for a while. At least not until just recently.
Now, everytime our doorbell rings Zack becomes physically shaken. Crying out and crawling away as fast as he possibly can. He knocks things over and crawls over everything that stands in his way. He just HAS TO get away from the dreaded doorbell.
Yesterday, Jason came home for lunch and then after he left to go back to school he realized he had left his nametag. He turned around but didn't have his key so he rang the doorbell and then knocked. A great habit he has to try and get my attention. Unfortunately, this time Zack was sitting just a few feet from the door pulling things out of boxes- a favorite task of his.
He wigged out!
I'm not saying just a usual baby cry, or even a hurt feelings cry- this was histerics!
It was like he was sure some monster was going to burst through that door and gobble him up. He couldn't get away fast enough.
We are starting doorbell therapy now. We show him the doobell and how it works. We let him push the button. Still, I think it's going to be a while before he's comfortable with it.
Gotta love that kid.


Tami said...

Sad! Poor little thing. I'm trying to imagine a world where everything is new and un-understandable... Good luck with your doorbell therapy. Our son had the dreaded Car Wash phobia. With a little patience, he eventually developed the skills to deal with it. Hang in there. Yours will too! :D