Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new "Smile"

What happened to my sweet little baby. With the barely audible cry, sleeping through most of the day, being completely content to sit on my lap and gaze into my eyes.

What happened to cuddling in the rocking chair, toothless grins, and being entertained by every little thing that came into view.

That was then, this is now:

I know what it looks like but really, we think this is a smile. This has become the face we see when he finds a toy he really likes, or when dad does something funny. This is even the face he gave to the nice check out person at home depot tonight.

I think this might be the beginning of many awkward school pictures.

Oh dear...


Tami said...

Are you sure it isn't just his evil twin impersination? You are going to have to do a collage of all his faces in one place. Unbelievable! What a kid. :D

Tami said...

Make that "impersonation"... I'm too tired. I should not be commenting. Sorry!

Melissa B said...

That is hilarious! He will laugh at these pics when he is older for sure! Such an adorable kid though. Can't help but laugh!