Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zach, the TV addict

Here's Zach watching Baby Einstien. He has actually gotten so that he recognizes the characters and what order things happen in. He even recognizes that when the "BLUE" section starts it's almost over- he's not very fond of the "blue" section. :( You can tell the parts that he's excited about because he starts to jump. He really gets moving when the sunburned zebras come out. Like he somehow understands how funny a sunburned zebra is!

I know- TV as babysitter- bad parenting! But at least he's getting some exercise along with it right? I do try to limit the TV watching. We only turn to Baby Einstien when mom is pulling her hair out. When weighing the pros and cons I figure my sanity must weigh in as a pretty important factor right?

I also try to somehow convince myself that my child's uncanny ability to remain glued to the TV is somehow a talent. Like maybe his ability to focus somehow translates to his future possibility of becoming a surgeon or something equally fantastic.

Ahh... the silly musings of an especially biased mother.