Thursday, August 21, 2008

Watercolor a la Photoshop

So, I know- I keep talking about this wedding and whatnot but I have yet to actually show any "Wedding" pictures. Be Patient. I am just getting into this photoshop stuff and I'm working my way up to the beautiful blushing bride shots. This one I just couldn't wait to show though. THIS is a "watercolor a la photoshop". I am really liking this! I played around with colors to bring out the blue sky and the warm tones of the sun on the side of the temple and I'm really quite pleased with it. Again, I'm sure there are still things I could improve on but I am a beginner and I'm excited to share... Ta Da!!!! The Arizona Temple


Creedasaurus said...

Teryn and family! i have created a blog. but i'm not very good at it yet. how do you have you pictures linked to the full size when you click on it?