Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"The Daves"

August 8th, 2008- Shaila married her very own McDreamy- Scott Pew. My only question is, Who in their RIGHT MIND gets married IN ARIZONA in AUGUST!!!!! This shot was actually taken by good old Uncle Creed just outside the temple. It was hot, and there was no escaping the sun so most of our pictures consisted of squinty faces and teary eyes. THIS however, may actually be my favorite picture of the whole collection. Zach and Grandpa Dave- I call it: "The Daves"- but it must be said in a very low, dramatic, movie theatre style voice. Try it again.... "The Daves" See, much better. (for those of you who don't know, Zach's middle name is Dave-after his grandpa)

This picture also just happens to be my first Photoshop project. A little added saturation to counter the BLARING sun, and some burnt edges and WALA! I dunno, I'm new to photoshop and to be honest, I am completely intimidated by it. So, I'm just starting small. There's still a lot I would like to do with this picture but for now- I kinda like it. :)

Dang that kid is cute- You've got to love the slightly crooked grin.


Melissa Berdine said...

aww what a cute pic! I can walk you through doing a couple of other cool things if you have a chance... let me know!

Lisa said...

That's my favorite picture too!! Hey can you email me your email address, I don't have it. It was good to see you!