Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!!

When it came time to go to the fireworks, mom and dad drove down to the state fair parking lot and found a spot. Then we walked over to the RV park and found a nice spot of grass to camp out on. It had a perfect view of the show.

I absolutely LOVED the fireworks! Mom kept trying to get me to look at the camera but I had much better things to look at. I just couldn't get enough. I didn't even cry when the loud ones came along.

It may have been way past my bedtime but I was so excited about the fireworks that I stayed awake the whole time. I wasn't cranky at all and mom was quite surprised.

I fell asleep the moment dad turned on the car to go home. I was Pooped!!! Still, there was no way anyone could pry my glow ring away from me. Those glow rings are my most favorite toy these days.