Saturday, May 21, 2011

We've got a climber

So, I was putting laundry away the other day and I came back into the kitchen and found this:
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a climber!

I was totally shocked that he could actually get into this high chair without any assistance. It kinda scared me. It was like in those ghost movies when they leave the room and come back to find all of their kitchen chairs balanced precariously on one another. I had to do a double take, WOW! How'd he get there? The bottom step is well above his hip. I know I certainly couldn't have made it if I were his size.

It seems like he only started standing a few days ago and here he is. He's not a baby anymore. Today he started pushing things around and walking along with them. Chairs, stools, toys. If he can pull himself to stand next to it, he can push it to wherever he wants.
This could be a bit of a concern given his climbing abilities. If he can push a chair wherever he wants and then climb on top of it.... nothing is safe any longer!