Saturday, April 2, 2011

While Kyle is sleeping...

While Kyle is sleeping, Zach and I like to PLAY!
(p.s. this is not typically where Kyle sleeps, it was just a kinda funny picture)

The other day Zach decided we should pull out our costume box. I collected a whole bucket-load of costumes after Halloween and he really hasn't shown too much interest. Finally, he has decided that dressing up is a fun and silly way to play. I tried to catch pictures of each costume change but they happened so rapidly I wasn't able to keep up. We started with a cowboy, then went on to a puppy...
Followed by a giraffe, a monster, a policeman and culminating in a series of super heroes. Specifically the robots of Transformers.
He even let me join in the fun! I thought it was pretty funny how he would take on each character for just a few minutes, run around the room barking or growling, and then hurry back to try on the next. Finally he went back to the giraffe he wore at Halloween and ended up wearing that until nap time later that afternoon.