Saturday, October 2, 2010


After 8 years we have finally said farewell to our dear table.

It was a wedding gift, and it has served us well. But, it has definitely seen better days.
We sawed off the edges to make it smaller when we were selling our last house, in hopes that our kitchen would appear larger. Nice!
That wasn't too long ago. The table top itself, however, has been scraped and stained by Koolaid for a good number of years.
And here's just one of the 3 broken chairs. That's right, 3 out of 4 chairs were booby traps for company who didn't know how to gingerly balance themselves.
Would you believe someone actually took it shortly after I took these pictures? Hopefully it found a good home and someone can give it new life.

I had thought of fixing it up myself but we found a fantastic deal on a beat up floor model table at Sams so I'm thrilled with our new kitchen seating.

Still, a moment of silence please for our old kitchen table and all the memories that we had with it. :::sigh::: (I'm such a sentimental dork)


Crystal said...

That so much reminds me of our current table, lol. Yay for a replacement! I love your new one, it is so classy.