Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eggs in a Nest

A few years back I picked up a pack of easter egg shaped chalk in the after easter clearance. Now that we have a good sized area to draw on we've pulled them out and Zach has enjoyed all kinds pretending. His favorite, which means we have to re-draw it every time it rains, is the nest. He MUST keep his chalk eggs in their nest.
Yes, I realize he looks a little "special" here with his half swollen eye and helmet. He wanted to wear the helmet so that he could be "safe" and as soon as he had it on his head he started running around in circles saying he could be "speedy" now that he was "safe". The eye, well, that's explained in the next post.
"That's the ORANGE egg mom!"
Here's your up close shot of the eggs all nice and cozy in their nest. I wonder when they'll hatch?