Friday, August 27, 2010


We were at the zoo a while back and while perusing their gift shop I spotted these giant fleece snakes. Part of me wished I could buy one because I knew Zach would think it was so fun. Then I thought better of it. Why couldn't I just MAKE one? So when I ended up stumped trying to come up with an idea for a friend's birthday, I remembered those snakes and I got to work.

It wasn't until I finished making that snake that I realized just what a hit it would be.
Zach couldn't be separated from it. We wrapped it around him and he giggled and giggled.
Then he started to run around and around our island trying to attack me with it. (please ignore the unswept floor and cluttered counters, and yes... one of my drawers is missing. High quality I tell you, it's broken into pieces in the other room. I'm hoping some wood glue will salvage it... sorry for the tangent)
So I quickly got to work making another one for our friend down the street. I hope he has as much fun with it as Zach has with his. He has been sleeping with it every night, right along side his 25 cent pound puppy.