Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random other pics from the last few months....

One of the last days in Milwaukee we had a HUGE rainstorm. (it continued during the time Jason was trying to load the moving van) Zach and Jason enjoyed a quick walk through the rain with their big red umbrella.
Jason is going to kill me for posting this pic but I just think Zach's face is priceless. This is his first time siting on his dump truck potty and he is obviously NOT impressed.
This is proof that Kyle actually does come with us to the park. Usually he's just sleeping and I can only have so many pictures of him sleeping in his carseat. This time though, he was excited to stay awake and watch his brother.
Zach has become totally fearless. He will try to make friends with ANYONE. Often to their dismay. Here he is as a park near our house, trying to make friends with a bunch of BIG boys.
We've also joined a few of the ladies in our neighborhood for their play dates. Zach has gotten really brave and actually climbed to the top of the play tubes at Mcdonald's. There he was dubbed the "scary tiger" and all the bigger kids would scream and run away as he growled after them. I actually ended up having to climb up after him when it was time to go home. I'm getting TO OLD for stuff like that.
Grandma Gundersen sent us a fun package of books shortly after we got here. Zach promptly spread them out in the living room and started reading them himself. Notice, he picked up the Cars book first. Thank you Grandma!!!