Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goodby Old, Hello New!

Well, the big day finally came. Here's a final picture of the place we've called home for the last four years. This house where I brought home both of my boys. Our first real HOUSE! (the trailer was great but it doesn't count) Zach dubbed this "Mom's house".
Jason made sure to talk a lot about how we were moving to "Daddy's NEW house", just as a silly joke to me. Now, Zach still refers to this house by that name. Bummer, no more house for me. LOL!

By the time we made it to "Daddy's new house" Zach was pretty pooped and within a few minutes of being there I noticed it was kinda quiet. I found this sweet boy in the sunroom.
I actually didn't take very many pictures of the house and I think more pictures are going to have to wait until I get a few more boxes moved out of sight but here's a preview.

Presenting, Our Living Room!!
Yes we have wood floors BUT they are pretty badly beat up so I can't decide if we should refinish them or recarpet. Hmmmm.....
Some friends came over and helped us unload a bunch of stuff. Both of our babies promptly konked out on that same wood floor. They made unloading easy!
Zach, of course, enjoyed unloading all of his toys.
And I think he might have enjoyed the empty boxes even more than what was inside them.


Angela said...

Congrats on the move. Hey refinish them all the way or do what we did and wait a year or two first. Carpet is gross and horrible for allergies, etc. You can't ever get it really clean and it is a great place for mildew to grow. Plus have you ever removed carpet and seen what's under it? Wood floors can take a beating and still look great. Plus you have real hardwood there. Enjoy it, keep it!