Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've been trying not to compare my boys too much. I don't want to get into who did what when and whatnot. (wow, that's a lot of w's) But I think when it comes right down to it, you can't help but wonder about their similarities and differences. So, for those of you wondering if they look anything alike... here's a refresher for you.

Zach January 13, 2008

Kyle March 13, 2010
8lbs 12oz
Similar? Different? You be the judge. I change my mind every day.

As for mannerisms, I have determined that they are totally different! Though I realize that time and perspective could be major contributing factors to my opinion there. I was nervous that, after having a baby as calm and laid back as Zack was, I would have to pay by having a real troublemaker. I'm happy to say that I was wrong on that one. Kyle is just as easygoing (though we do have our moments) While Kyle is fascinated with the fish that circle his swing, he doesn't quite focus in on them like Zach did. He doesn't seem to have the eternal attention span of his brother. At least not yet though. Kyle is often content to just sit somewhere... anywhere... bed, bouncer, swing, as long as there's something going on that he can watch he is happy to just sit. I've found that if I rotate him around to different sitting areas periodically, I can keep him fairly well entertained. Zach, on the other hand, seemed to prefer to be held. He wanted to be a part of the action, moving with me wherever I went. I guess this is one of those merciful differences that I am REALLY thankful for as it makes it possible to manage having 2 kids.

Physically they may look similar but their stats are quite different. As you saw before, Kyle was a whopping 12oz heavier than Zach but Zach had a HUGE head in comparison with his body. His head circumference was in the 95% while his birth weight was only the 50% (if I remember right). Kyle, on the other hand has an average head, 50%. Hopefully, that will help him walk a bit earlier since he won't be so top heavy. Instead of a huge head, Kyle keeps his weight around his belly. He's a bit of a pot belly kid. Zach had stubby toes/toenails and Kyle's toes almost look like fingers they are so long! I also think that Kyle has a bit more of a round face and MUCH less hair than Zach had. For those of you who have commented on Kyle having a lot of hair. You must not remember the MOP of hair Zach had on his head. LOL!

It's going to be fun as they get older to see how they turn out. How alike they will look. How they act. How they interact with each other. I'm sure they will be best buds and I'm so excited to see that friendship grow as they do.


The Gray Gang said...

Love their matching tie shirts. Cody says they boys are twinners! I say they are totally different. I mean you can tell they are related, but they have a lot of differences... which I think is Great! I hope you are feeling well! When we get some good weather again we will have to zoo it up!

Tami said...

They are definitely brothers in the same family, that's for sure! (How's that for side stepping the same/different question?!) ;)

Sarah L. said...

The question now is will Kyle get the same blonde hair?