Thursday, March 25, 2010


I guess this is kinda old news but I figured I ought to post it anyway for anyone who hasn't heard yet. We are officially moving to Springfield Illinois where Jason will begin his Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency. Pretty darn exciting... actually, more terrifying. In a few short months we will be packing up and moving ourselves, our two children (one very very small one) and a whole lot of stuff to another state.

Mostly we are nervous about selling our house. SO, you might notice in a lot of my recent pictures and upcoming posts as well, our house is full of bins for packing away all but the essentials and my kitchen has been torn apart. Jason is re-drywalling and adding new baseboards and crown molding so that it's a little more attractive to potential buyers. Sad that it took us moving to finally fix up the kitchen... I won't get to enjoy it!

Anyway, wish us luck! This is going to be a HUGE adventure.


Melinda said...

Awesome!! That's where my uncle did residency like 13 years ago! Love all those pictures of baby and brother! Give me a call if you think you could squeeze in one more playdate before you move so far away!!