Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nesting some more!

Wow! This is REALLY nesting now. Yesterday, I brought in 2 boxes full of baby items from our garage so that I could do a bit of inventory before the new arrival. Sadly, it looked like he was going to have to live with a bunch of dingy, yellow stained clothes. I didn't think I had put them away looking so shabby but I guess that's what a couple of year's storage will do to stuff. I decided it wouldn't be any fun to put my brand new little boy in old yucky looking clothes so I decided to do a little experiment.

I started by spraying them down with Shout and then scrubbing vigorously with an old toothbrush. I was surprised to see that some of the stains seemed to already be fading. Then I stuck everything in a big bucket of hot water and Biz (I left a few of the more delicate items in a separate bucket with cold water, just in case). Then, this morning I ran them through the wash.
I was SO EXCITED when I started to fold everything because almost every single stain was GONE! There were a few tiny PJs that I was sure were ruined but they look bran new.
So I got to do the inventory.
It's actually a little funny to look at because Zach was such a big baby (8 lbs) and he grew so fast that the newborn sizes and the 0-3 month sizes are pretty meager. The items in the NB size were actually only squeezed into once or twice. If you look at the picture we have a snow suit on the top row and then the second row is the newborn size. There's 4 PJs (one with tags still on it) 2 outfits and a bunch of undershirts from the hospital. (I LOVE those!)
The next row is the 0-3 month stuff. 4 PJs, 4 outfits and a bunch of onsies. The rest is all 3-6 months, 2 PJs and a bunch of outfits. So now I'm a bit torn... should I start watching the sales and 2nd hand stores for those smaller sizes or am I going to have another monster child? I think I'm just going to wait a while and see. It sure was fun to sort through everything though. Maybe I'm starting to get a little excited... Maybe...
OH, I didn't want to leave Zach out of all the projecting so this is what I did for HIM yesterday. I put together a new eye spy bag for him. It was actually from our relief society Super Saturday this last weekend. I was just helping with one of the other projects so I didn't have time to complete it. I haven't put the names of the items on it yet but I have them written down to transfer later. I just hate my handwriting so I'm procrastinating. He think's it's pretty cool, although he was a bit distressed at first when he realized the airplane was trapped!


Tami said...

I'll have to remember your Shout and Biz trick! Thanks for always sharing your best discoveries. I always loved the feeling of warm newly-folded little clothes for my little kids. (Now Aaron gets to do his own...poor guy. But he has to learn, right?!) The eye spy bag is darling!