Friday, February 26, 2010


Zach was playing with his pipe cleaners today and he started wrapping them around and peeking through them like they were glasses so I made him a pair. He loved them and I ended up not being able to get them off of him until he fell asleep for his nap.

This first picture he is actually peeking through a magnifying glass that HE made himself. He actually came up with it a few days ago and started wandering around the house looking at things through it. I thought it was pretty clever. (I blame Dora the Explorer for that one)
He was being a total ham and actually posing for the camera.
Then he put the glasses on me and started pointing to the camera for US to take a picture. I just LOVE this one.
p.s. he is currently running around the house in a tutu. I tried it on him for someone who ordered one for their daughter. I didn't expect him to LIKE it! I'd better not post a picture though, his dad may not be very happy. (oh, I'll probably sneak one up here later-lol)