Monday, January 4, 2010

Norwegian Christmas

This last month has been pretty crazy and we have finally come home to our quiet little house. It's a stark contrast to all of the adventures we got to enjoy while visiting family in Idaho. We spent most of our time staying at the Gundersen house with my in-laws and Norwegian Christmas brought some great food along with ALL of Zach's Gundersen Cousins. Here's a pic of the whole gang.
Zach loved every minute he got to spend with his cousins. He was the youngest one there but he sure didn't know that and he would join in whatever fun the kids were having.
Pregnancy was in the air and I got to go to a baby shower for Jason's cousin Heather (far left) who is due mid January. (I think?) We got to take this fun pic with all the pregnant girls in order of due date. I'm next with March 13th, then Heather's friend (missed her name) Alicia, another cousin was due April 6th and Brendi, my newest sister in law who is due April 26th (day before my b-day! hooray!)
Zach joined his cousins for a sleepover (until mom took him upstairs) Here he is with his one and only boy cousin Roy, who really took him under his wing. They got along so well despite the age difference. Zach followed him around like a little puppy, copying everything he did.

Then, the BIG PARTY began...

Jason's cousin Shelly arrived with her little girl in the CUTEST Christmas dress I've ever seen. I guess it helped that it was modeled by such a doll. Believe it or not... She MADE this dress herself! No Pattern!!! She is a Crochet Genious!!!!
My pictures are a bit out of order, sorry! Zach sat on Santa's lap and didn't cry at all! I was so proud. Jason had been telling him Santa was going to bring him a train so that he would be excited. When his turn came he was all business. He sat, grabbed his gift and was out of there to open it and start to enjoy. Completely fearless, as usual. He didn't get a train but he was definitely not disappointed. What he opened instead was this totally awesome Mega Blocks Mack Truck. I can tell you, he hasn't stopped playing with it since we came home. He has been taking it apart and reassembling it over and over and over again. At first we had to help him out a lot but now he pretty much can assemble it himself.
Here's the traditional Santa pic as Zach picked up his annual Scandinavian candy bar (promptly confiscated by mom and dad). Notice, No tears! No panic! That's my boy.
Every year the highlight of Norwegian Christmas is the dance around the Christmas tree as we sing English and Norwegian Christmas carols. Again, pictures are out of order, this happens BEFORE Santa arrives and then he joins in for the last few songs. Once again Zach figured he was just as big as the other kids and he even joined in the fun. He held hands with his cousins and they skipped (or ran frantically, depending on the song) around the tree. He giggled and giggled the whole time.
Once and a while he would get scooped up by dad as he went. Obviously, you can tell by the grin that he was just loving it!
Here's the whole gang, Santa included.
Finally, a priceless pic of Zach with Aunt Brendi. I'm not sure what they spotted, but it was apparently VERY exciting. Maybe it was Santa? LOL!!


The Gray Gang said...

How fun! Kevin got the same Mack Truck for Christmas!

Tami said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all these pictures. Susan called and talked about dancing around the tree but it's so much better seeing the pics! Loved all the pregnant mommies in a row. Loved all the little kids on the stairs. Loved it all!