Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Landscaping

When we bought our house 3 years ago it had these beautiful shrubs in the front. A deep purple one and two green with pretty purple flowers. Unfortunately, these very shrubs seem to go through a regular "awkward teenage" phase each year. That phase actually seems to last most of the year, especially with the help of our neighborhood bunnies that keep eating the one closest to our door.

Here they are in all thier glory!
But as of today... THEY ARE NO MORE!
Replaced by some evergreen boxwoods that may not have as pretty of colors but they will actually stay looking nice all year around. I'm not completely finished yet. I plan on surrounding them with mulch and some flowers. But so far, I think they look pretty. darn. good.

Especially since I planted them MYSELF! (Well, Jason dug up the old ones and I replanted these.)
Don't worry, we didn't throw out our old pals. They just found new homes where they wouldn't be the center of attention durring thier dead months.

Here's the darker purple one under the garage window in the back yard.
And the other two have been moved to the side of the house.
Notice: they are about 10 times the size that they were when the original picture was shot. That's what I was talking about. They actually look really nice for about 3 months of the year, it's just the other months that they look like a pile of sticks. I was just afraid we would end up getting stuck trying to sell our house during the stick months so I figured evergreens were a safe bet. I'm sure glad for the change.


Jules said...

Happy 30th to Jason!! It hurts a little, doesn't it?