Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

We went to the zoo today and even though it was a bit windy we had a great time. They were having a special bird activity where we "flew" to different parts of the "world" and learned about how the bird lost weight in it's travels to reach Wisconsin. He weighed 6 cheerios when we started the journey and only 1 cheerio when we arrived. Zach got treats along the way and a fun bird badge when we finished the trip. Along the way we visited some cool animals. The giant fish were pretty exciting.

This is Zach's new "I dunno" face. It's really funny, he cocks his head a bit then turns his hands out. Jason asked him where the meercat was and this is what we got... "I dunno" or "where'd he go". I love it!
The lions were pretty fascinating too. Zach's getting pretty good at his "growl".