Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zach's Egg

This is Zach's egg. He decorated it all by himself! I would give him a

sticker and he would stick it on the egg. Then Clap enthusiastically. When he was done we peeled it and he ate it- the WHOLE thing. I think Zach likes Easter.


Becky said...

Ok so I haven't checked your post in a few days. Wow-new pets, I'm sure that is so much fun for Zach. I love the picture that you won with. . . Great Job! It looks like Zach had a great time with his Easter Egg hunt. I love him egg decorating. Soooo cute!

Gretchen N' Some times Jeremy said...

I was thinking maybe we could start a photo a day blog to help get our photography better. we could come up with the idea the day before and take a photo posting it the next day. What do you think?