Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's he up to?

Zach is really becoming a little busy body. He absolutely LOVES to play the piano. He even pushes the buttons to change the sound and twists the volume up and down. I'm sure the nieghbors are pretty curious about what sort of music this family is into- especially now that we've been leaving our windows open for the fresh air.
I remember the days when Zach would just buldoze any attempt I made at building a tower of blocks. Now, on the other hand, it's all about the building. I love his look of total concentration here. And YES- he did build this one All By Himself!


Connie said...

I checked out your blog days ago but didn't make a comment. Becky said she likes comments so you will have to suffer with mine. Zack is the cutest little guy. He makes me smile!!! I get a kick out of his mischievous grin and the sparkle in his eye.
Wow, I lost my planner and missed your birthday. I found it today stuffed in the sofa cushions so... HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY.