Friday, November 7, 2008

Zoo trip!

OK, OK, so these are a bit old- I've been slacking. Anyway....

The day before Halloween a bunch of gals from my ward got together for a trip to the Zoo. Because of my schedule, I usually can't join in on a lot of the activities they participate in so I was really excited to be able to join in this time. I think there were actually nine of us there. All with kids. It's fun because the kids seem to come in groups. There's the older ones- who I actually teach in primary. (it's funny to hear one's self referred to as "Sister Gundersen" while at the zoo.)

Then there's the younger generation- as seen in the strollers. Check out those Hot Mommas! Man, are we stylin with our shades or what? I think there were actually nine of us in all. And, here's a cute pic of Zach and his buddy AJ being very enthralled by the scenery as we rode the Zoo train for the 1st time.