Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, today was the first day of "real" snow. We had snow about a week or so back but it was late at night and melted the next day so we never really got to play.

Finally, Zach has had his first experience with snow!

He did see snow last winter but he was so little that mom kept him bundled up and hidden away the whole time. This year he has his own snow suit and everything. We are really looking forward to more fun in the snow.

It's true he was a bit apprehensive at first. He just sat quietly, hovering his hand over the snow, not quite daring to touch. Then he started to flick it. Then he patted it. Then he was done.

He stuck his hands straight up in the air and grunted till mom finally rescued him from the cold sticky white stuff. We'll have to play again later, maybe he'll be a little less nervous next time.


Tami said...

Cutie! He's adorable in his snowsuit. It's weird if you think about it...covering the ground with the same stuff that's in your freezer...and then mom bundles you up so tight that you can barely move your arms then plops you right down in it!

Melissa Berdine said...

Looks like fun! What a cute boy he is!