Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Karlee's Memorial

I'm not going to say much in this post- I could but I guess I just really don't have the words right now. I've posted about my little sister before. Well, November 1st was the 5th anniversary of her death.
This is what I did to commemorate the occation. These flowers were taken from some of the many beautiful arrangements that were given to my family for the funeral. My husband and sister in-law helped me dry them and coat them in wax for safe keeping those years ago. I've had them wrapped in tissues in a shoe box for all this time. Finally, it was time for me to make use of them. What good were they doing in a shoe box after all?
I had a friend of mine come over today who has a lot more creative skill than I do and she helped me with the arrangement. (OK, OK- she did it- I just wish I could be that creative!) The ribbon used to tie them together is made of the same fabric as Karlee's bride's maid dress from my wedding.
I love it!!
I am so excited to be able to show this in my home. I'm so happy to have these beautiful flowers out of thier shoe box. Now I can look at it everyday and remember my sweet sister. Thank you Kim!!! Thank you so so so so so much!


Pieces said...

That is a beautiful arrangement! I'm glad the flowers are out of the shoebox, too :)

Tami said...

What a sweet way to remember your sister. It's just beautiful.