Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big News!

It's happened! Finally, after months of practice and many a frustrated grunt...the long awaited moment has arrived... Zack Crawled!!! He took a good 4-5 mini-"steps" before dropping to the ground for his usual rolling method. It was even completely without my coaxing. He was sitting... and then... he was crawling. All on his own! Yay!!!

My hope is that this will welcome in a new era of independence where-in Mom (that would be me) is no longer deemed the preferred method of transportation. A time in which Zach moves about happily and without the frustrations of his current limited mobility.

As excited as I am, I also have that little glint of nervousness. With increased mobility comes increased ability. Uh Oh! We've gotten a lot closer to being baby proof lately but it's not completely there. I'd better get on that ASAP!

Here's Zach and his buddy AJ enjoying some toy story- as usual! AJ as you can see has mobility mastered. We keep hoping it'll rub off on Zach- maybe it's finally working!

Other news- we had our first "real" snowfall on Monday. Of course, the whole state completley FREAKED OUT! Suddenly cars are flying off the roads, 6 car pile ups are on every major roadway, and crazies are swerving all over the road because they tried to speed past one of the few people trying to drive SAFE!

It has since melted, but it made for a nice adventure and Jason and I made the trek home from our places of work. Zach hasn't yet had the opportunity to play in the snow- I'm waiting for a good snowfall so we can go make snowballs.

I can promise you this, there will be plenty of pictures posted here to commemorate the occasion when it finally arrives. - I'll also be keeping the camera handy to try to catch the crawling so I can share it with all of you so keep watching for it.


Melinda said...

Congrats!! Mobility can be so much fun!

gundersens said...

Congratulations!! Very exciting! It won't be long now and little Zach will be walking. Can't wait for christmas. I am so excited to see you guys. Thanks Jason for all medical and fish advice. Love ya!

Tami said...

Woohoo! This is a big milestone in his life (and yours)... World, look out!!

Melissa said...

My little guy has only been fully mobile for about a month and it makes a HUGE difference! The good definitely out weighs the bad though. Ya, he gets into lot of things, but he is a way happier baby now and nothing makes me happier than a happy baby! He is content to just wander around and check stuff out. Congrats, I'm very excited for you!