Friday, September 12, 2008

The Teething Has Begun!!!

Zach didn't sleep well last night. He woke up over and over again. He seemed to have a stuffy nose and didn't want to eat. Mom thought he had a cold or something. When mom tried to feed him he would just blow rasberries into his spoon instead. This resulted in a spattering of turkey and sweet potatoes all over mom. Finally, after his dinner ended up all over him AND mom, he got a bath. After Mom took him out he started chomping on her finger. Surprise! What had once been soft smooth gums had it little rough spot. Just a tiny tip of a tooth poking through. How did we not realize it before. No cold! It's a tooth!!!
OK, so mom may or may not have shed a tear or two for her baby who's growing up way too fast!
On a side note.... look at what happens when mom leaves Zach alone with Dad:


Andrea said...

I'm so dumb! I was feeding him on Wednesday and felt a little sharpness (in my efforts to get a sippy cup to stay in his mouth)and I forgot to tell you!!!!

Melissa said...

Hi, I have to admit that I love reading your blog. Jason was my neighbor growing up and about a month or two ago Susan and Tyson came to our place to get math help. Somehow we got talking about you guys and Susan showed me your blog and told me you had a baby really close to my baby's age. I love seeing other babies that are the same age as mine!

I had to finally comment because we have almost the exact same laundry basket and my baby boy LOVES to be put inside (it's a great distraction for the grumps of teething). I hope it doesn't bug you that I read your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Jeremy and Gretchen said...

Teething ahhhhh! I am also going through that right now. He so adorable in that basket! :)

Teryn said...
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