Monday, September 8, 2008

The Secret is in the Sauce- Sitstas

What a neat idea. I don't know about everyone else in blog world, but I get great joy from little things and comments just happen to be one of them. I guess they just make me feel important. Like maybe I am making an impact somewhere. OK, so I may not have made any huge important statements or shared a some deep profound thoughts but I can dream. Mostly, I just love bragging about the cuteness of my little one but, somewhere, someone must have felt the same because they started this blog. Check it out to find out more... they also may or may not have won me over with thier latest contest. The CRICUIT strikes again!!! Someday, somehow I will gain possesion of this fantastic scrapbookers dream tool. Check this out:


Pieces said...

This blog seemed like an appropriate place to answer some of your digital scrapbooking questions :) I'm glad you took the time to browse the pages I posted on my blog. All of those pages were created 100% on my computer. I get my pages printed out at Costco and then put them in a binder. My friend, Kari, who scrapbooks with me is doing her pages to be printed in an actual "book" format. Totally cute! So, here's what you do --- and I will try to make this as understandable as possible. First, you need a photo imaging program and it sound like you already do (Photoshop). Next, you begin to download digital kits and papers to your computer. These are quite reasonably priced and you can find several sites with awesme "freebies". Here are a few of my favorite sites to get stuff:,,,,,,,,,
Out of all of those sites, I think I use Digital Design Essentials the most. The CD Collection they offer is AMAZING and gives you LOTS of papers and alphas and embellishments and kits to start with. They are having a sale on it right now --- two CDs full of GREAT stuff for ONLY $7.49 (original price $69.98!!!!!!). I would highly recommend downloading that.
Next, you open up Photoshop (I use Microsoft Digital Image Pro). You start with a new canvas and resize it to be the size of the pages you want to make. Mine are 12"x12" because I like 'em BIG :) My friend does hers at 8"x8" for her books.
With your blank canvas in front of you, you pretend that you're working with actual paper, but instead of being able to touch and feel it, you just see it on your computer. You begin with a background paper (which you insert onto your canvas). Then you begin to layer other papers, pictures, frames, text boxes and embellishments on top of your background paper. You can manipulate the papers and pictures any way you want to in order to create your page. Oh, I wish you lived here and I could show you just how EASY it really is!! I'll tell you what --- go to my blog and I will post a step-by-step "How I Made This Page" of one of my easiest pages. This should give you an idea of how to try a page of your own. If you give yourself 1 hour to try it out, you'll get the hang of it and you'll be OFF on your way to digital scrapbooking! No bulky scrapbook caddies full of paper and scissors and stickers and all that other stuff. Just a clean, easy and fun way to create pages :)