Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Harley's Are Here!

Miller Park's parking lot is usually full of cars as people gather to see the brewers "Play Baaaallll!!" We had the opportunity to witness a completely different sort of crowd. This year, Harley Davidson celebrated it's 105th anniversary with 105 rides from around the country. I learned that a "ride" is a large group of riders who travel in a group. When I say large- I mean HUGE! Some of these groups numbered in the thousands and people were lined up along the overpasses to wave as they passed by.

On the 28th we decided to take a family trip to see the motorcyles. We were shocked to find the entire Miller Parking lot jam packed with bikes. They were all kinds of colors and styles and I have to say I got pretty dizzy looking over the masses. Zach was fascinated . There were lots of loud noises but he didn't seem scared at all.

I didn't realize but many police officers actually drive Harleys. This one was posted just outside the entrance to the park. I guessing it belonged to one of the officers helping to direct the thousands of riders into the lot.


Andrea said...

how cool! i'm glad you documented this for me to see! what a cute face zach has in that shot of you two!

American in Norway said...

What a cute family! Zach is adorable!