Sunday, September 21, 2008



PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR AUDIO BEFORE PLAYING!!!! I can't stress this enough. I was excited and shifted to my uber-embarrassing insanesly high pitched baby speak voice. I couldn't help it! We tried to use our vast technological knowledge to extract the audio from the file... alas, we have yet to discover the correct method. SO- Please mute! For my sake.

I know I suffer from a bit of the "mother's eye" syndrome when I say... My child is a genious!!! But he is! Just look at him. He can wave! Maybe it is common among babies his age, but let me pretend ok? I noticed a couple of days ago while feeding him lunch that he was preoccupied with twisting his wrist around while he cranked his neck sideways to gaze at our fish. It almost resembled a wave but I thought... no, it's just my imagination, it must be a fluke. Since then, however, I noticed him making the same motion when we stood in front of a mirror or when he saw someone he recognized. Finally, yesterday we were able to document it on video.


Anonymous said...

That is the most precious wave I've seen! He is so cute I can't stand it. I wish I was there to give him a big squeeze.

susangundersen said...

What a precious baby! Their little hands are so amazing.

Melissa said...

He's a prodigy! I've been trying to get my little boy to wave and it is definately in the works still! I'm so jealous, he has such a cute little wave. Go Zach!

Andrea said...

Yeah, so I totally had to make sure the sound was ON so I could hear your high pitched mommy voice. It's ok...we all do it! He's so smart because he started waving unprompted when you came to pick him up the other day. He knew it was time to leave. He doesn't just know how to wave, he knows WHEN to wave too. Very smart!