Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Guests

Here's me, my mom and Zach. I have gotten totally adicted to this photoshop stuff. I liked this picture more for the sentimental side than the picture itself. Some of the colors were washed out and Zack had a good amount of drool running down his chin. I thought it might need some work. I started with fixing the devilish red-eye that we all had. Then I cropped it to get rid of some disttractions off to the side. Then I used the "heal" tool from photoshop to get rid of the drool on Zach's chin. Magic right? It still didn't have much in the way of drama though, not to mention I had gone a little overboard on the sunnless tan so the skin tone difference made me look like I wasn't even related to my mom or Zach even. So, I used the "boost" action from Pioneer Woman to bring out some contrast and then the "soft and faded" action. That's what left this looking like an old photo. I think it just added something different and exciting. (plus- it faded my fake baking) Aren't we cute?


Becky said...

I am now a blogger, and have had fun looking at your family. You little guy is getting so big. He is so cute! I can see both of you in him.
Here is our blog:

DeeDee said...

Teryn, I used to babysit you when I was in college and your mom and dad were my best friends. You are so beautiful! You look just like you did when you were little. Your mom is still as beautiful as ever. I have some great stories to tell you if you get the chance. Email me.