Monday, August 25, 2008


I have this dream world, a fantasy really. And in this place I am the perfect mom. I cook gourmet meals in my spotless home. I sew darling clothes for myself and my perfectly behaved son, and I create beautiful scrapbook pages to be passed on from generation.

Sadly, this is not the real world. My house is cluttered. Our meals must be able to be cooked in under 30 minutes. My son... well... I guess you just need to see the pictures under "Zach learns to feed himself..." below to understand. One thing is still in my power... the beautiful scrapbook pages. OK, maybe they won't be perfect but they will serve as my journal for future generations. A bit like this blog is my journal to share with family and friends who are so far away. What I "need" in order to make that happen is The Cricut. Oh how I would love a cricut. I've been eyeing it for a while. Then I discovered this blog:

She just happens to be having a contest to win just such a device. OK, OK, I realize I may not win but it's sure fun to dream right? I sure have fun hanging out in this little dream world of mine. And I just might have accidentally come accross a pretty neat blog. I'm really excited to dig into it a bit more and see what else she has to offer that could bring me that much closer to my perfect little dream world. Crafts? Parenting tips?


Jeremy & Gretchen said...

I was looking at your blogs on the left and came across creeds. oh my goodness he is all grown up. wow how time flies!

Doing really good with the photography! They keep getting better and better.